Tea Staining

What is Tea Staining?

Tea staining is a discolouration of the surface of Stainless Steel.

Tea staining is a cosmetic issue and doesn't affect the structural integrity or lifetime of the material.

All stainless steel will tea stain, and a variety of factors can increase how often or how quickly it stains.
Tea staining can often occur rapidly after installation of stainless steel materials that are not cleaned, due to grease, chemicals or other building material residue leaving deposits on the stainless steel and reacting.  
When metals come into contact with electrolytes such as condensation, rainwater or other sources such as oil, dirt and airborne particles, it can produce an electrochemical reaction and begin the process of corrosion. Proper maintence and care is required on Stainless Steel to increase the lifetime of the material and avoid corrosion. 
Please see article here on tea staining from the Australian Stainless Steel Association  
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