Work Gloves

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  1. Black Knights Black Knight Gloves (Small - 2XL)
    As low as $4.53
    Model: GNN192 QCode:
  2. Black Knights Gloves X 12 Pairs Black Work Gloves (Small - 2XL)
    As low as $48.95
    Model: GNN192-12P QCode:
  3. Black Knights Gloves X 120 Pairs Black Work Gloves (Small - 2XL)
    As low as $435.00
    Model: GNN192-120 QCode:
  4. Stealth Ronin Large Work Gloves X 12 Pairs Black Work Glove
    As low as $29.90
    Model: 481100-12 QCode:
  5. 1PC1PC
    Green Grippa Gloves (Small - 2XL)
    As low as $3.90
    Model: GGL106 QCode:
  6. Premier Riggers Gloves (Small - 2XL)
    As low as $6.95
    Model: GRP141 QCode:
  7. Blue Flame Welders Gloves
    As low as $18.94
    Model: GWB163 QCode:
  8. HI VIS Cut 5 Glove G- Force (Small - 2XL)
    As low as $18.21
    Model: GTH238 QCode:
    Model: 743405 QCode: 165089
    Model: 743342 QCode: 165090
  11. -72%
    ***CLEARANCE*** Premier Riggers Gloves Large Size 9 - x 12 pairs
    Don't pay $94.80
    Regular Price $94.80 Special Price $27.00
    Out of stock
    Model: 471095-9-12 QCode: 162634
  12. -70%
    ***CLEARANCE*** Premier Riggers Gloves 2XL - Size 11
    Don't pay $7.90
    Regular Price $7.90 Special Price $2.40
    Out of stock
    Model: 471102-11 QCode: 130252
    Model: 743341 QCode: 165091
  14. -72%
    ***CLEARANCE*** Premier Riggers Gloves XL Size 10 - x 12 pairs
    Don't pay $94.80
    Regular Price $94.80 Special Price $27.00
    Out of stock
    Model: 471100-10-12 QCode: 162635
  15. -72%
    ***CLEARANCE*** Premier Riggers Gloves XL Size 10
    Don't pay $7.90
    Regular Price $7.90 Special Price $2.25
    Out of stock
    Model: 471100-10 QCode: 130261
    Model: 470154 QCode: 165092
    Model: 470153 QCode: 165093
  18. Ultra Grip Glove Clip
    Model: 910015-1 QCode: 130253
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Work Gloves

Work Gloves
If you work in the construction industry, it’s essential to ensure you have adequate work gloves. The right option can prevent injuries to the hands, including burns, bruises and lacerations, making them a necessity on the work site.

Our Range
The Fastener Factory stock a wide range of work gloves to suit any industry or job. Our options are constructed from durable and high-quality materials, including nylon, premium grade split leather, cow split leather, cotton, cotton and latex, synthetic leather and single dipped PVC. Available in a range of versatile sizes to suit your needs, you’re sure to find an option that’s right for you, whether you’re looking for mechanics, riggers, welding or general purpose gloves.




Work gloves and hand protection is an essential part of work health and safety standards. Not only they provide safety for your hand but also helps in improving the grip and making it easier to work. Work gloves should be comfortable and flexible, so they fit perfectly among the fingers. If you are working on a hot day, they should also be breathable, so your hands do not get sweaty.


They are used in almost every industry and are of different types as per different applications. Some of the most common uses includes, material handling work, hand and power tool operations, maintenance operations, construction industry, automotive industry, logistics and warehousing, mining, gardening and agriculture, steel or metal manufacturing, rigging and painting, medical industry etc.


They are mostly used by plumbers, carpenters, cabinet markers, roof plumbers, bricklayers, welders, general labour, painters, concreters, electricians, plasterers, landscapers, gardeners, sheet metal workers, automotive mechanics, industrial mechanics, boilermakers, heavy and light equipment operators etc.


What The Fastener Factory Stocks

The Fastener Factory stocks work gloves from MAXISAFE and STEELDRILL SAFETY.




Maxisafe is the leading choice for safety gloves and other hand protection products. All of our industrial gloves are engineered and manufactured to meet global safety standards, so that you can be assured that you only get the most durable and reliable hand protection available.


Our product range is suited to a wide range of trade and professional applications. This includes construction, mining, chemical handling, mechanics, working with glass, welding and hot applications, among others. Our comprehensive selection of products is ideal for businesses working directly in industrial markets. We are a safety glove manufacturer that put your needs first.


Our gloves have a wide range of features that meet the demands of different types of industries and PPE requirements.


For industries that work with chemicals and liquids, our heavy-duty hand protection features liquid proof and to chemical resistant options. We have both reusable and disposable versions available.


Gloves are also available in a wide range of materials including nylon, nitrile and heat protective materials. Multiple layers and breathable fabrics ensure that the wearer’s hands stay dry and comfortable while they work.


Steel Drill Safety


The fastener factory stocks Stealth Ronin Nitrile Palm, Stealth Vis-Grip Zero Freezer Gloves, Rigman Dual Layer with Silicone Dots and Stealth Razor 5 Gloves PU Palm from Steel Drill Safety.


Stealth Ronin Nitrile Palm offers a seamless 15-gauge black nylon shell. The black nitrile foam coat offers excellent grip. They are soft durable and flexible for different hand sizes, ideal for general purpose work.


Stealth Vis-Grip Zero Freezer Gloves are high visibility gloves with similar seamless 15-gauge yellow fluoro nylon shell. They have a thinsulated lined for cold work conditions ideal for working in freezer.


Rigman Dual Layer with Silicone dots gloves offers double layers synthetic leather palm, silicone dots to enhance grip, orange spandex back and neoprene cuff.


Stealth Razor 5 Gloves PU Palm are cut 5 rated, have seamless 13-gauge dyneema shell, breathable and lint and silicone free.