Balustrading Calculator - Find the fittings and tools you need and get a quote

Balustrading Calculator

Here at the Fastener Factory, we can help you calculate the items you need to construct your wire balustrading build.

Simply follow the steps below and we will suggest a cart of items and a quote for you.

Step 1
 Filter your Options or Pick a Kit
1.1 Do you have Stairs in your Build?

1.2 What is your Post Type?
These are the end posts that the balustrading fittings will be fixed to

1.3 Pick your Swaging System
A swage is the tool used to attach the wire to the fitting

Filtered Options:

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Step 2
 Enter your Measurements
2.1 Handrail Height and Wire Spacing
We will calculate how many wire runs you need per section
Height from Ground to Underside of Handrail
960mm minimum as per our intepretation of the building code
(Hint: 1m = 1000mm)

What Vertical Spacing between wires do you want?
80mm maximum as per our intepretation of the building code

2.2 Tell us the Lengths of your Sections
A section is a straight line between two end posts


Step 3
 Wire Type and Intemediate Posts

1. Pick your Wire Type
7x7 wire has a rope-like appearence and is flexible which is suitable to loop around thimbles and swages
1x19 wire is more rigid, smooth and sleek looking. It is not suitable for hand swaging

2. Add your intermediate posts
Posts are required every [length] as per regulation

How many posts do you require?
Pick your type of intermediate post

Suggested Cart
View your cart and edit your quantites if you wish

Individual Price


*This is estimated price without cart discount applied. You can find the final cart subtotal on the checkout page.