Concrete Screw Bolts & Masonry Screws

Concrete Screw Bolts & Masonry Screws

Concrete Fasteners and Masonry Screws

Concrete masonry screws and bolts are designed to fix items into materials such as brickwork, concrete, stone and other hard materials. Strong and durable, they’re constructed of sturdy steel and are specially designed to fix items effectively into hard materials. It’s essential that only screws designed for these materials are used, as using unsuitable products may result in poor results.

Our Product Range

The Fastener Factory stock a range of high-quality countersunk concrete masonry screws and hex head concrete screw bolt, specifically designed for use in hollow bricks, masonry and concrete. Constructed from carbon steel and coated with zinc yellow, for inside use or galvanised, for outside use, The Fastener Factory has the right product for your application.

Our range includes the following size options:

  • T30 Drive Countersunk Zinc Yellow Concrete Screws
  • Hex Head Zinc Yellow Masonry Screw Bolts
  • Hex Head Galvanised Masonry Screw Bolts

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