Full Lighting Solutions In Melbourne

When it comes to working with electricity, saftey is the most important factor. Your job sites need to be well lit to ensure the saftey of yourself and everybody working on the project. The Fastener Factory offers a wide range of lighting solutions to help keep the lights on and the ground tidy. With LED lights your build can go past regular hours and allow you to see in dark, hard to reach spaces to ensure the build is going to plan.

Our Range

We offer a large supply of all lighting options for both home and proffesional work sites. From extension leads to allow power to areas away from power points, both male and female plug ends,  hand held LED lights for small, dark spaces, a range of LED flood lights from wall mounted flood lights to standing flood lights and cable ties to keep all your cords neat and tidy.

Our products are available to order online or for closer inspection head down to The Fastener Factory's store in Huntingdale. With a wide range of hardware supplies, cheap prices and fast delivery, your job will be off the ground in no time.

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